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Is it time to replace your rubbers on your pool table rails?

Have you lost your pool table rails or the spring? This comes to pass with time. With many years of use results in more perfect memories, but you must want to keep up with sustenance. This will make sure that the appearance of the table is great and can make the top work for many years. You must know how to change the cushion on your pool table and what you can do to it.

How do you know if your pool table cushions need to change?

It is a normal misunderstanding that if a cushion is not always played it will not turn bad. But it’s a small fact that the rubber requires a stretch to sustain its natural spring. The Calgary pool table cloth that is used very little most likely will have to change its cushion. Naturally, the rubber pool table gets old. As it goes age it will begin to harm play.

When you play you will observe that the pool balls do not rebound on the rails also if the table is new. If the cushion needs to change, you will hear the sound of a jolt if the balls hit the rail. Rather than the cushion springing off and back to the center of the table, the balls will roll in other directions or will stop rolling. All these are clues that the cloth requires to change.

Pool Cushion Test

According to the expert, the Calgary pool table cloth must react. So that they adjust under controlled conditions to the three angles of the cushion. The rapidity of the table cushion must be such that the arrangement of a ball on the head spot, discharges through the foot spot. Also, you can see the cushion and look for slopes, a deformed part of the cushion. Another reason for weak bouncing is a loose pool table rail bolts.

How long will the cushion last?

It’s difficult to say. The lifetime of the pool tables and their elements depends more on the conditions of the surroundings. For instance, pool tables in bright rooms will have various lifetimes in comparison with the pool tables in basements. The room that is hit directly by the sun can rapidly cause the aging of rubber. While in the basement the acceleration of aging is minimal since the place is cool it’s moist surroundings. The standard quality of the Calgary pool table cloth, in general, which may lose its bounce is around 12 to 15 years.

To have Quality Care for the Pool Table

If the cushion of your pool table is damaged or worn out it is better to consult the Calgary Pool Tables companies. They will professionally take care of everything your pool table needs to check. It is better to have the right Calgary Pool Tables expert to check on your pool table.


With the above details of the best pool table brand and will last a long time, you need to have proper use and maintenance on your pool table. Not just using it but maintaining its elasticity and beauty.

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