Pool Table Cloth

What is the cause of Damage of Pool Table Cloth?

Pool Table is usually made of slate that is indestructible material that can last for decades. Nonetheless, the cloth that covers the pool table will not last long. Though it will last a decade it still needs a change. The friction is the cause of wearing out while the balls do not damage the felt itself but because the balls bounce it can also damage the felt. The collection of chalk which is abrasive to the felt that tears away the fiber of the cloth. Damage is the side-effect of playing the pool table which is normal in everything.

When is the right time to change the pool table cloth?

Though the damage is inevitable and causes too much use, the set of changing it depends on how it looks and how it is useful to play with. Though the cloth lasts a decade we should not be comfortable with not taking care of it. However, it still needs to change every three years to maintain the perfect play. This helps the ball slide smoothly across the surface of the pool table. Changing the cloth of the pool table is the most often needed by businesses and homeowners. Calgary pool table cloth has different colors to choose from.

How to Change the Cloth of the Pool table?

Changing your pool table cloth is not that easy but if you have that knowledge and skills you can set it by yourself. However, below are some guidelines to follow on changing the pool table cloth.

  • Measure the size of your pool table and cut the felt.
  • Remove the rail.
  • In other cases, take off the slate.
  • Expanse the new felt with the use of a staple or use glue to spray.
  • Other people add extra felt in the corners.

How much does the cloth cost?

Pool table cloth costs between $300 to $450 on average depends on the size of the table. The changing for pool table cloth includes staple removal, felt installation, and leveling. You can add a few more dollars in replacing the bumpers, disassemble, move, and reassemble.

How to maintain your pool table cloth?

The best way to maintain your pool table cloth is to have it covered if it is not in use and keep it clean. It’s also a great thought to try and stop making a lot of ways, as these can crush the felt and it never fully recovers. Besides, covering it makes sure that they are clean after play.


Calgary Pool Tables has all the best and quality of materials and supplies that you can have for your pool table. Also, there are the best pool table brands that you can choose that will fit on your budget as well as have for a lifetime play. We all know that everything doesn’t last but if you keep it properly you can have it longer than expected. The same as the pool table cloth keeping it properly will make it last more than a decade.

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