Pool Table Warp

Can a Slate Pool Table Warp?

Slate is a part of the pool table that gives the great surface you want to enjoy your game. Remember that it needs to be stable to prevent damage and repair. The pool table warps collapse on itself if over the weight of the table, for instance, the cue ball drops hard on it. However, you can make a precautionary measure to stop this from happening.

 What is Pool Slate?

A slate is a piece of stone under the felt of the pool table. It is usually waterproof materials that give cue balls with less friction roll. If you want to keep your pool table stable one issue that you need to deal with it is the warping of the slate. If the pool table slate warps, it will breakdown and become unevenly level which will make the game impossible.

 How do the slate warp?

The pool table has two arrays of slate; one-piece pool slate and three-piece pool slate. One-piece slate is a large piece that is seamless and is hard to move and it likely warps over time. On the other hand, some pool tables have a separate three-piece slate. This provides players to smooth pieces separately if the table is on the unlevel floor. Because of the lightweight of each piece, a three-piece slate sometimes will not warp.

When the slate warps, it becomes slag, which means the center breakdown as the surrounding stone maintains its level. Or crown, this means that the center will keep static as the rest slate breaks down.

 Reasons the Slate Warps

If you abuse using your pool table the slate may warp. For instance, you constantly drop hard the cue balls on the table you both damage the ball and the slate. This situation can be prevented if we set the cue balls properly or keep away the children from this expensive pool table.

Do not allow your cold or other drinks to put on the pool table. Though slate is waterproof if a constant drop of liquid or too much exposure to moisture it will warp. If the room with warm temperature the water is quick to absorb on the slate, it is perfect that the room keeps its cool temperature.

 How to Stop the Slate to Warp?

To maintain the pool table in good condition will help it to last for more years to come. If you need to stop the slate of the table from working, be sure

You do not drop hard the cue balls on the table, be sure to set them properly.

  • Do not allow your children or pets to walk on the table.
  • Do not put anything on the pool table, only cue balls, and the triangle.
  • Stop practicing putting food and drinks on the pool table to prevent spilling.
  • Keep a cool temperature in the room where you place the pool table.
 Can the Slate Warping be Repair?

After hitting the cue balls and it didn’t stop at the right time. Take it into account some factor before you think that there is a warp on the slate. There are some factor you can consider

  • The level of the floor where the pool table is uneven.
  • The cabinet of the pool table has warped which the slate can’t properly house.
  • The surface or the felt of the table is not properly laid.

If you finish checking the whole part of the table and look good then you can check if the slate has warped. After inspecting and you see the warp on the slate, you may also check if there is a chance to repair or not. If you know how you can fix it yourself but if not you can call Calgary Pool Tables company for help.

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