Chalks for Pool

Why Do We Use Chalks for Pool?

You may wonder every time you watch Calgary Pool Tables or billiards and you see the player put chalk at the tip of their cue stick. Or you may also ask yourself do you need to put chalk on the tip of your cue or not. This question will answer in this article. Primarily the chalk for the pool helps the cue ball stop from sliding off the ball untimely. It can ruin the shot or what is commonly known as a miscue. Or to some the tip of the cue stick is worn out from use. The chalk gives friction needed to do a shot. And also it helps the player to pace and focus between shots.

 How Often does the player add chalk?

This depends on the player, normally the player put chalk at the tip of its cue stick after every other shot. Hence, the player can consider putting chalk if their shot needs it for an extra spin on the ball. The player will chalk up the tip if there is a smaller area between the cue tip and the ball that needs extra friction.

 What is the disadvantage of frequent chalking?

There is only one disadvantage of frequent chalking on the tip of the cue stick that it will add dust on the table and the balls. To lessen the dust, slightly tap your cue stick after chalking it, this will help to shake off the remaining chalk.

 What is the perfect way to chalk the cue stick?

The first thing to do is to know your cue stick because they come in various levels of stability. If the cue tip is soft it grips much chalk, but they will not last a long time. The chalk must apply lightly on the tip of the cue stick and evenly. Crushing the chalk is not good; it will only wear out the cue tip and will lessen the life of the tip of the cue stick. Worse the chalk will get over your clothes. If you see that the middle part of the chalk has a hole it needs a replacement.

 How to put chalk on the cue stick?

Every time you apply chalk on the tip of your cue stick it must be light and evenly. Prevent from twisting the chalk on it or crushing it. Twist application stops to have an uneven application while crushing may cause the tip of your cue stick to not last a long time.

The great way to chalk the tip of your cue stick is by tilting the cue at a corner and wipe it immediately in a brushing way. Apply this evenly on every part of the cue tip to make the whole tip well applied. After it is done slowly tap the stick on a stable surface to remove the extra chalk.

It is very important to apply chalk during the game. With the correct application of chalk on the tip can enhance your game.


Now that we have the right understanding about the importance of the chalk in playing the pool table. Calgary pool chalk comes in different variances of colors some choose with the same color as their table.

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