Pool Table Re-Level

pool table level serviceOur company offers basic pool table level service for pool tables that have settled or shifted out of level. However, our pool table installer will correct the table level by shimming the pool table where required. We do not dismantle and reinstalled during the basic level. Our installer uses a mechanists/engineer’s level to ensure precision leveling. For our pool table relevel service, we offer this service to correct pool tables that cannot be leveled by basic pool table level service. This kind of pool table leveling use to correct problems caused by lifting. Incorrectly moving the pool table or to correct a wrong installation. In this process, we will break up and then properly re-installed to level it. Thus, our installers use mechanists/ engineers to make sure accurate leveling.

With many years of experience, our installer does their job accurately that meet the standard level of pool table quality. With the right equipment, we do the releveling in the right way that nothing will waste away. However, before we start our work we always keep our protocol to talk to our customers about the details of the job. Then we will quote the said project and give the exact project cost. In this way, both parties are at peace during the work. So that after we finish the work our customer will ready to enjoy to play their pool table. We do not just build business but we build a relationship.

We welcome any comments on our work in this area so that we can improve what needs to improve and what is the things that we need to change to improve. You can call us at (587) 206 0443 for your comments and questions. And also for any inquiries and more information for our future customers. Moreover, you can visit our showroom to check our latest products and services.